For quite some time, I’ve been wanting to write about unreliability. It seems fickleness is inherent to human nature… The truth is, people will always have a factor of unreliability,regardless of their good intentions. Unreliability might be an inherent human condition, because people—even the most well-intentioned— will fail us. All things being equal, we might fail someone.

Some argue that machines, algorithms, computers are more “dependent and reliable” than humans, which might be true for certain tasks. The topic is very controversial and as we see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) infiltrates our lives, the debate and controversy grow with it.Nonetheless, with everything going on nowadays, I want to change the topic from unreliability to talk about the incomparability of human skills.

Despite, us humans, being unreliable, we have skills that a robot, algorithm, machine, CRM system, computer, technology, etc, etc, will never have. Skills such as innovation, spontaneity,empathy, instinct… but one skill, grabs my attention: The still to connect. The skill to create,built, and maintain relationships (Even by video conferences these days).

In my more than 10-year career in business development and sales, I realize there is a direct link between having the right personal contacts and relationship and successfully winning business.As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the economy gets hit, most businesses are force to layoffs (understandable), some businesses are able to keep “skeleton” crews, and others decide to keep those employees who have relationships – long term perspective.

To all the agents, representatives, project managers, business developers, salesmen and saleswomen, negotiators, etc out there. Those who know what it feels to be a “juggler”,sometimes, a hustler to get things done. Those who are accustomed being flexible, agile,persistent, patient, consistent, and astute, HANG IN THERE. I know that many have lost their job, salaries reduced, hours cut, business failed apart, projects cancelled... The same skills that made us so successful in our careers, must be applied against the pandemic, we must adapt, we must innovate, we must reinvent ourselves, we must be more creative than before, we must wait and seized the next opportunity. Yes, these are tough times. Yes, we are, as a species, unreliable;yet, we have something technology will never be able to replace. We have the relationships and the ability to create new ones, which will allow us to make it all over again.

-Ernesto Zúñiga